Register for the gateway woof walk

* By clicking submit you are agreeing to the Rules & Regulations stated below and by completing this form you agree to be contacted for the purposes of your application only. Your personal information contained in your application will not be released to any third party.

Rules & Regulations

Registration for The Gateway Woof Walk is acknowledgment that you have read the rules & regulations and that you are aware and agree that your dog(s) are up to date on vaccinations.

The rules that we have formulated are in the best interest of the animals and owners, and are as follows:

  1. All dogs must be on a lead.
  2. If your dog is aggressive, please don’t bring your dog. Please register to walk one of the shelter dogs.
  3. One dog per person with a maximum of 2 dogs per person allowed.
  4. Please muzzle your dog if your dog does not behave nicely around others.
  5. Each person will be given a “poop bag”; please use accordingly.
  6. Please do not socialize with other dogs. This will help prevent possible dog conflicts.
  7. Water will be readily available at the start, on the course, and at the finish.
  8. Large bins will be strategically placed for disposal of animal and human consumption.
  9. All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and rabies. The dog owner is solely responsible for any conflicts their dog may have with another dog and any medical consequences that come out of the conflict.
  10. A Registration Tent will be set up for pre-registered and new registrants on the day of the walk. Registrations begin at 8 am.
  11. The responsibility of all participants, should their dog foul, is to clean it up.
  12. You agree to be a responsible dog owner and to not socialize with any unfamiliar dogs. It is
    the sole responsibility of the dog owner if their dog bites, attacks, or causes injury to another
    dog or person.
Lost Child:
Notify nearest member of staff in Yellow shirts.

Lost Dog:
Notify nearest member of staff or bring directly to the Registration Tent.

Lost Property:
Notify nearest member of staff and bring directly to the Registration Tent.